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INSIGHTS MDI® - Questionnaire / Analyses

Search&Train uses the following tools in its analyses for the areas personnel selection / personnel development and team development. These questionnaires are easy to understand and usually give 4 choices. Completing them takes between 20 and max. 30 minutes.

INSIGHTS MDI®-Leadership–Check, to assess the basic type and the adapted type as well as the results of “personal attitudes and values“ to assess candidates' and/or team members' strengths and potential. This demonstrates “how I see myself“ in comparison to “how others see me“.
The printed result of the leadership check comprises 45 pages and is supported by easily comprehensible graphics.

INSIGHTS MDI®-Workplace analysis, We compare this to the benchmark of the relevant and varying requirements of the workplace. The printed result of the workplace analysis comprises around 10 pages including the relevant graphics, based on the compiled benchmark.

INSIGHTS MDI® Sales Strategy Indicator, We use the analyses to compare them with the work place analysis for sales and sales management positions. The sales strategy indicator comprises seven pages of text and graphics comparing the test person to a top sales person, evaluating the questionnaire of around 10 pages.

Online Analyses - “Your path to well-founded self-assessment”

You have the opportunity to order digital versions all of the forms for these analyses to be accessed online. We will send you an online access code, so you can carry out for example the INSIGHTS MDI® Leadership Check straight from your computer.

You will then receive the results, either on paper in the post and/or if requested as an online document.

Ask us about these tools. We are happy to advise you which are suitable for your personal requirements and which tool will be most effective. The cost of these analyses depends on the area of activity and the complexity.

After you have received your personal analysis, we will schedule a telephone conference with you, during which we are available to answer your questions. Alternatively you may want to arrange a coaching session with us… all to suit your requirements…