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INSIGHTS MDI® – Academic reports and foundations

INSIGHTS MDI® has been rated by various academic and scientific professionals, especially in comparative tests with other common procedures that are used in HR in Germany, such as BIP (Bochumer Inventar zur berufsbezogenen Persönlichkeitsbeschreibung – Bochum tools for professional personality description), MBTI (Myers-Briggs type indicator), DISG, and others:

“The objectivity and reliability of INSIGHTS MDI are excellent.“

INSIGHTS MDI stands out due to its economic applicability and its internationalisation. It has a decisive advantage over the corresponding German methods such as LMI, BIP and others. INSIGHTS MDI is a tried and tested method that is appreciated in practice, is highly recognised and possesses high face validity. The interpretation is very graphic and always takes into consideration the interaction of person and situation. The combination of workplaces and potential analysis is an important trademark of this method.

Prof. Dr. Claudia Eckstaller
Prof. Dr. Erika Spieß
Dipl. Psych., Dipl. Soz. Ralph M. Woschee

Search&Train uses INSIGHTS MDI® questionnaires and their analysis systematically. This means that we use the:

Leadership Check to assess the basic type and the adapted type, as well as the results of “personal attitudes and values“ to assess candidates' and/or team members' strengths and potential. The printed result of the leadership check comprises 45 pages and is supported by easily comprehensible graphics.

Workplace Analysis, We compare this to the benchmark of the relevant and varying requirements of the workplace. The printed result of the workplace analysis comprises around 10 pages including the relevant graphics, based on the compiled benchmark.

Sales Strategy Indicator, We use the analyses to compare them with the work place analysis for sales and sales management positions. The sales strategy indicator comprises seven pages of text and graphics comparing the test person to a top sales person, evaluating the questionnaire of around 10 pages.

The sum of these four instruments offers objective information regarding potential – values and prospects of the candidate/employee or team.

Finally we can compile a so-called Team Wheel, which includes all team members, and on the basis of this demonstrate and advise you of development potential and disruptive factors within each team.

Ask us! Our answers are based on scientific fact.

We will be happy to give you an insight into academic research into and reports on INSIGHTS MDI, for example through the complete validation manual.

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