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"All the best corporations have the best sales personnel.“- Brian Tracy -

Human behavioural patterns can however not be reduced to 4 main colours.

Most people are so-called mixed types, made up of 2-3 colours. These colours again symbolise strengths and character traits. This leads us to the “INSIGHTS Wheel“ (by Dr. Jolande Jacobi) with its 8 basic types that enable us to identify the personalities of team members or clients.

INSIGHTS Rad INSIGHTS Rad INSIGHTS Rad INSIGHTS Rad INSIGHTS Rad INSIGHTS Rad INSIGHTS Rad INSIGHTS 8 Typen Observer Coordinator Supporter Helper Inspirer Motivator Director Reformer

Reformer – Reformers cope with their tasks using discipline, control and determination. They think and make decision in a logical and target-oriented way. Their way of working is disciplined, controlled and evaluative.

Director – Directors or initiators are confident people who are willing and able to make decisions and take responsibility for them. They pursue their targets ambitiously and expect others to be interested and take part. They do not let defeat stop their dynamism, and their action is focused on results.

Motivator – Motivators exude joie de vivre and enthusiasm and tend to pass these on to others. They are optimists, who express their verve even in difficult situations. They are driven and will not easily be knocked off course. Their particular strength is the self motivation that they project onto their surroundings.

Inspirer – Inspirers are often seen surrounded by large groups. This is where the inspirer feels at ease. They enjoy maintaining a large entourage for the purposes of communication and play an active part in this. They are creative, sociable, sometimes have an artistic disposition and enjoy helping others solve problems.

Helper – Helping is the helpers' passion! They gather knowledge and insights in order to share them with others. Communication is an important part of their lives. They are optimistic, quickly grasp other people's difficulties and want to help solve them.

Supporter – Supporters on the INSIGHTS-Wheel are team players. Their ability to absorb information without judgement makes them valued conversational partners. They are calm enough to listen for long periods of time and make their conversational partners feel good. Within the group they are loyal towards each individual.

Coordinator – Coordinators absorb various kinds of information and turn it into functioning structures. They are appreciated for their punctuality, consistent work processes and their structured approach. They tend to plan for the medium to long term on the basis of analysed data, and they work precisely and manage their time well.

Observer – Observers are the analysts within the team. They are constantly collecting data and facts and like to improve their specialist knowledge. Their perspective consists mainly of technical summaries. Observers concern themselves with the details that are often overlooked, and they are appreciated as conversational partners when an in depth view is required.