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S&T trains in a modern way and always from experience. That is why our seminars are restricted to participants from the private residential division of the construction sector (traditional building – prefabs – property developers – estate agents). Our consultants conduct in-house as well as so-called “open seminars”.

Each consultant is a TOP seller of homes within the sector! Sales of up to 100 private residential properties per person per calendar year are a sufficiently good reference!

This makes us credible! NO waste of time and NO complicated arrangements.

In order to assess our clients, we use the INSIGHTS method.

Training is only as good as its use in practice. We train and see the development, even in consultation, through to the end. This creates security and the motivation to further pursue even unconventional paths systematically.

S&T does not promote “special offers” or “advisor-engineers“ but sales professionals rather than advisors!

S&T also carries out telephone training…
others do that, too…?!

We train your staff on the job, selling or at your company's own call centre, live, even all the way to a particular event!
…do others do the same? and with success?

S&T Keyword – Sales

Out of the well-known marketing principle of used by many companies,H. Dalmer developed a completely new form of corporate image presentation that is also useful in sales negotiations with prospective developers or property buyers.

Besides a high degree of linguistic discipline and the latest mentoring techniques as well as memorable audio-visual presentations, effectiveness and efficiency are the most important factors during the sales talk.

Our emphasis is on “closing a deal by means of excellent negotiation“ rather than “good sales consultation – but no deal”!

Keywords – used at just the right time and in a disciplined manner by the sales person, as part of a clear strategy with defined rules, are THE key to finalising preliminary construction agreements and legally binding contracts.

Participants in our seminars learn in around five days to transact the commitment to service for prospective clients and existing customers according to the following steps:

  • Making and confirming appointments
  • Reception / seating / hospitality
  • Key Word implementation (per conversation ca. 45 minutes)
  • Audio- Visual presentation
  • Sales affirmative charisma
  • Closing the deal
  • Polite parting
  • After sales service

We only offer the S&T modules “Successful telephone conversations“, consultation / presentation and “sales keywords“ as in-house seminars.