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You would like to streamline your structures, part with some sites or branches, or grow into different areas of business, because markets change?

That means consequences in terms of personnel. Take advantage of our experience in solving difficult HR issues and our feeling for these situations. We represent your interests and create a quick and harmonious separation.

At the same time, where possible, we open up new perspectives for you and the parting employees in the search for professional re-orientation.

You may rely on S&T's human experience and pass these complicated tasks to us, so that you can be open for new and often more successful ventures.

Your request will of course be handled with the utmost discretion! So NO references!

S&T Outplacement sends positive signals for parting as well as remaining staff members! It also helps relieve the job market and to protect the company's social harmony as well as its productivity. Other advantages include:

  • Financial savings due to shorter residual terms, because with the help of outplacement the employee to be made redundant can usually quickly assume a new position
  • No pseudo solutions or dodgy compromise that reduce your profits;
  • No more delays in making important decisions and
  • No engagement of your own resources.

Securing continuous employment

The quick repositioning of managers and members of staff in order to avoid unemployment is the predominant aim of a successful outplacement consultation.

For those employees concerned, outplacement means pivotal support within the job market. They are to be up to the mark for their re-orientation, and for this important mission they receive professional support.

And they will need this assistance, because along with the quick changes within the market, the specific requirements made on applicants also change. This practical assistance effects primarily:

  • Reduction in the time taken to find new employment
  • A competitive advantage within the job market
  • An objective appraisal of one's own achievement potential
  • Minimisation of risk
  • Benchmarking of possibilities within the market
  • Use of consultants' contacts

The best opportunities with regard to the new position result from an extensive analysis, which we carry out with the help of the INSIGHTS-Method.

On top of that we will carry out an individual search for different, often better qualified employment or an entry into self-employment. Those concerned will again benefit from S&T's wide networks and contacts.

Facts and Figures:

22% of personnel managers already offer those services that in case of redundancy used to be available only to staff at management level, to other qualified employees.

36% of personnel managers do so out of social responsibility.

A quarter want to avoid damage to the company's reputation by acting this way.

18% of personnel managers expect to be able to persuade employees to leave his way.

For 17% this promise is based on their appreciation of the employee's contribution to the company.

Only 5% of personnel managers want to avoid legal action by offering outplacement consultation.

Source Facts and Figures: Capital(Edition 8/2003) and research by the Media Academy Cologne (5/2003)