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Partnership for Profit!

Franchising is without a doubt an interesting way towards successful expansion.

From their own experience our staff know about the important key points in the development and operation of a successful franchise system.

Do not repeat the mistakes others made in the past!

S&T offers the following services:

  • Checking the business's and product's suitability for a franchise, working out a competitive advantage
  • Gearing towards a target group and market
  • Developing or checking contracts and giving advice in matters of tariffs, in the shape of general information or closer assistance (no legal advice)
  • Checking the “umbrella brand”
  • Creating concepts for the distribution or production franchise
  • Enhancement or development of a marketing or communication concept between franchise giver and franchise receiver or between franchise receiver and (potential) customer
  • Making contact with organisations, institutions and banks
  • Developing system manuals / software
  • Introducing reports software and systems to administrate data of potential customers
  • Recruiting franchise receivers / training / orientation towards the systems / enforcement of the umbrella brand

In the franchise area S&T definitely have key skills at their demand.

Contact us, we will check your systems or advise you on your franchise start-up!
Benefit from our experience.
You can save crucial resources.